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Absolutely! No job is too big or small for Addington Excavating. Whether you need excavation for concrete foundation additions, re-grading, digs for utility pipes or nearly anything else, we are here to help. Call us today to get an estimate on your excavation project.

Generally, most municipalities require a building permit before excavation can begin. This is the responsibility of the client in nearly all instances. When you call Addington Excavating to discuss your excavation, we will explain the process and the required paperwork needed before we begin to dig.

The cost for digging out an area for a backyard swimming pool depends on a number of things: the type of soil being dug, the size and depth of the excavation, as well as if it is a “hard dig”, which requires special attachments and other factors as well. We will factor all of this into your estimate when you call Addington Excavating.

Yes. In keeping with the laws of Idaho, we are fully licensed and insured in all required areas. Regardless of who you hire to do your excavation, always ensure and ask to see their license paperwork – unlicensed excavators are not only illegal, but can cost consumers and businesses thousands of dollars.

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